Whether you’re an ALT who has been here for four months or four years, we’re sure you’ve already come to appreciate the unique charm and beauty of Gunma prefecture. However, the journey never truly ends and there is always more to explore and enjoy in Gunma.

From tips on honing your English-teaching skills to uncovering lesser-known festivals and destinations, these guides will help you embrace the incredible experiences this region has in store for you.

Let’s continue to make lasting memories and create connections to our home in the heart of Japan!

Living in Gunma

There’s always something new to learn about life in Japan and living in Gunma. Here’s some guides to make your life a little easier!

How to Extend Your Period of Stay (Visa Renewal Guide)

When JETs arrive in Japan, they are given a three year visa. This visa is good for three years as…

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Stage Too Horrible

Have you been feeling a little off lately? Sure, the dreaded in-fu-ru-en-za has been going around, but I mean something…


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Getting Your Japanese Driver's License

It’s no secret that getting your driver’s license in Japan is a slightly stressful undertaking. Hopefully these guides will make it a little more bearable!

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Gunma Cherry Blossom Guide

This post was written in 2015, but most of the information is still applicable, no matter what sakura season it…