GAJET is your local Gunma JET community and support group. We are here to help make your time in Gunma the best it can be by bringing you information, resources, and connecting you to the community!

GAJET is the local chapter of AJET, the Association of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program run by elected JETs (just like you!). We are an independent, self-supporting volunteer organization that promotes and supports exchange and teaching in Japan in cooperation with the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme.

We also run the ultra-useful Gunma ALTs Facebook Page, which is perhaps the best way to stay up-to-date on local happenings, events, and news.

Don’t be a stranger, unless you are a wild Gunma bear or monkey- in which case, please do stay away.


Current Committee



Eva is the new GAJET president this year! She is from Ireland and currently living in Annaka near Mount Myogi. She loves coffee and is always up for a chat! よろしく〜


vice president

Andrew is a 3rd year ALT in Takasaki City. He teaches elementary school. He is from America and is 25 years old. He enjoys reading, video games, and trying new izakaya.


chubu rep

Ash is a 5th year ALT in Maebashi. She was your GAJET President last year, but she’ll be returning to the Chubu Rep position this year! She’s from Birmingham, Alabama, one of Maebashi’s sister cities, and she makes a mean cornbread. She has a lot of places in Gunma she’s found that she wants to share with you!


social media / seibu rep

Cara is a 3rd year JET in charge of this years social media as well as the Seibu representative. Cara is from New Jersey, where in college she majored in Lingustics and minored in 4 separate subjects, one of which was Japanese. Besides Japanese, Cara has an interest in learning other languages like Korean, French and Hungarian. Cara is the definition of a social butterfly, always out and about making new friends. When she has her down time, she can be seen drawing, playing video games, learning languages or watching YouTube. If you have any questions or need help about life in Japan, Cara is willing to lend a helping hand on any of her socials.



Dianne is a fifth-year JET ALT from Southern California, the Head Editor of AJET CONNECT Magazine, and the Municipal Liaison for the Asia:Japan:Elsewhere region of Her hobbies include creative writing, drawing, long-distance cycling, and sewing. She is currently attempting to create a webcomic series about bird people. You see some of her art @craftiyetti on Instagram.



Evie is a second-year ALT from New Zealand. Passionate about website design and coding since her days editing Neopets petpages, she also finds joy in exploring the captivating worlds of books during her spare moments. If you have 16 hours to kill, ask her about her D&D characters.



Holly is the GAJET Newsletter Editor, giving you the breakdown of the monthly goings-on in GAJET! She is also the Fashion Editor for AJET CONNECT. She studied Japanese at university and continues to study the language. Her current language goal is reading a full fantasy novel in Japanese. In her free time, enjoys capturing her travel experiences in Japan on photography trips. You can follow her photography on instagram @ phoebefay-photography. She is also writing a fantasy novel about pirates.



Bio coming soon.


tone-agatsuma rep

Taylor is a second year jet and the Agatsuma Tone representative residing in Minakami. This Floridian enjoys art, playing the piano, studying Japanese, drinking coffee, dancing, exploring unique places, and loves cute things such as Gunma-chan, Sumikko Gurashi, capybaras, gnomes, and plushies. She majored in Graphic design working on logos, advertisements, and so forth. If you’re interested in her dancing and travels @_travelingtay_
and for her-designs please check out @_tayloredmade_designs