The Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching (AJET) is a volunteer organisation of JET Programme participants. AJET serves the JET community by building support networks, organising useful information, and offering resources to enhance the lives of the Programme participants in Japan and abroad. AJET has existed since the inception of the JET Programme; at the national level, it is headed by the AJET National Council, a body of twenty elected and appointed current JETs from across Japan.

National AJET’s primary role is to represent the opinions and concerns of the JET community as a whole. Twice a year an opinion exchange meeting is held with National AJET and the sponsors of the JET Programme, specifically the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR).

In addition, National AJET offers a number of services to help support JET participants in their lives in Japan. The AJET Peer Support Group (PSG) is a confidential listening and resource line for JET participants. Other helpful services from National AJET include special offers and discounts from corporate affiliates, team teaching resources, special interest groups, the Tatami Timeshare Program (similar to couch-surfing but made by current JETs for current JETs), the AJET Connect Magazine and more.

For more information about AJET, please refer to the AJET website.