Welcome to the Tobu Region! The Tobu region is located in south eastern Gunma and borders Saitama, Tochigi and Ibaraki. This region includes Kiryu, Midori, Ota, Oura, Oizumi, Chiyoda, Tatebayashi, Meiwa and Itakura. The Tobu region offers a more countryside view of Gunma. While the Tobu region may lack a big city feel, there are plenty of things worth seeing and doing in this area.

In early August, Kiryu’s Yagibushi Festival is a must see. The city’s main street is packed with people of all ages dancing, eating, and drinking. You can also visit Gunma Insect World in Kiryu.

Ota and Oizumi are known for their Brazilian populations and Oizumi is also host to a Brazilian-style festival in the summer. If you need to go shopping and Tokyo seems too far away, Ota’s Aeon Mall is easily accessible by bus from the train station.

For nature lovers, Tatebayashi boasts one of Gunma’s best cherry blossom viewing sites in the spring in addition to being famous for its azaleas and irises.

If you enjoy art, Tatebayashi is also home to the Gunma Museum of Art and the Tomihiro Art Museum in Midori displays the work of quadriplegic artist, Tomihiro Hoshino.

The Tobu area may not be the most urban region of Gunma, but it offers a peaceful and scenic dwelling for its residents.