Hello and welcome to the Seibu Region! This region includes Annaka, Fujioka, Kanna, Kanra, Nanmoku, Shimonita, Takasaki, Tomioka and Ueno-mura. You will be joining the company of over 40 JETs in our expansive region.

Seibu as a region includes Gunma’s largest city, as well as one of its smallest villages. It offers everything from modern comforts to quiet, breathtaking nature. While Takasaki is Gunma’s largest city with two Starbucks and our beloved AEON Mall, outside of Takasaki’s city center you will find natural wonders beyond your wildest imagination.

Seibu boasts two of Gunma’s three famous mountains: Mt. Haruna (where we host the annual GAJET Haruna Illumination event) as well as Mt. Myogi (famous for unforgettable autumn leaves). Moreover, Seibu’s local festivals are famous throughout Gunma and attract people from all over Japan. During the summer, Yoshii-machi has its nationally famous “Mud Festival.” Also, Nanmoku hosts its annual “Fire Festival,” featuring incredible fire acrobatics. Kanra is famous for its annual “Samurai Festival” in which JETs march in full samurai costume underneath the blooming cherry blossoms.

These are just a few of the events and sights that Seibu has to offer. If you want to know more about this amazing region, feel free to message your Seibu Regional Rep! Welcome to Seibu, and we look forward to meeting you!