The Chubu region of Gunma contains Shibukawa, Yoshioka, Shinto, Fujimi, Maebashi, Tamamura, and Isesaki. The northern part of the Chubu region is on the edge of Gunma’s mountains region.

Maebashi has the largest population in the Chubu region, is the capital city of Gunma, and has a great suburban feel. Maebashi also has Keyaki Walk, an indoor shopping mall featuring a variety of excellent restaurants, shops, and even a Kinokuniya bookstore.

Isesaki is the second largest city in the Chubu region, and is one of the fastest growing cities in Gunma.  It has a sizable Brazillian and Peruvian population, which means there are some great restaurants in the area. Isesaki is also home to Kezoji Park, a great place to have hanami or ride the ferris wheel.  Isesaki also has a multi-story indoor shopping mall, SMARK, which can scratch that shopping itch.

Shibukawa has the third largest population out of the cities in the Chubu region, has a very active international society, and is fairly close to the outdoor adventures available in Minakami.

The Chubu region of Gunma has a great atmospheric mix of city and suburban living and is always a fun place to visit.